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Are you facing a lot of alternative route in life? Or sometimes can’t find any alternative at all?

For some people, having or seeing an alternative is a blessing, especially if we found alternatives while in a difficult situation, when we can’t find any other solution to overcome our circumstances. However, it became a stumbling block if we tried to consider choosing certain alternatives that lead us into disobedience to God.

But how can we decide on which alternatives to take?

Looking back, our eldest and second son needs to stop with their schooling in the Philippines, eldest on his Grade 7 and latter on Grade 1 since they came with us in our mission to Dubai. This journey of our family seems so unbearable, and as I remember, I was finding a job & on visit visa, we’re processing the kids’ visa, thinking of their studies, coping up with the new people and surroundings, expenses and all. But, indeed, nothing is impossible with God, wherever He leads He provides, even sometimes it takes time. Truly, He makes everything possible, in His perfect time, not in our preferred time. He blessed me with a job & a residence visa; grant the kid’s fathers’ visa, a shelter, and homeschool for our second son, all on time. He used a lot of people, family, church mates, friends and situations along the way. Indeed, all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose – Romans 8:28.

But for Edrei’s education, from my viewpoint took so long and the answer to our prayers seems so far. As parents, we know that education can’t wait, just like food and other basic needs. And when we’re surrounded with alternatives that all seems impossible in our eyes and normal ways, we tend not to consider it as an alternative at all. But Jesus said, in Matthew 9:23 “All things are possible to him who believes!” This declaration of Jesus is very powerful, to him who believes!

I can still remember how God leads me to look at His possibilities and not on the actual scenario wherein I can see the human potential. Not an easy trial especially if our kids are the one involved in testing time. Can it be other kind of test and not the one that involves my kids’ future? There was crying time and seeing myself so impatient ‘coz I can’t wait for two more years to see my son without any alternatives but to stay home and help his family in the ministry. Then by Gods grace, God leads my husband with one unusual alternative, the ALS.

The ALS or Alternative Learning System is a parallel learning system in the Philippines that provides a practical option to the existing formal instruction. When one does not have or cannot access formal education in schools, ALS is an alternate or substitute. It is a program by the Department of Education that seeks to help Out of School Youths, industry-based workers, people with disabilities, and other people who, for one reason or another, cannot afford to go through formal schooling. The Alternative Learning System only requires learners to attend learning sessions based on the agreed schedule between the learners and the learning facilitators. The ALS program follows uniform lesson modules for all academic subjects covering the sciences, mathematics, English, Filipino, social studies, current events among others. Deliveries of instructions are provided by government-paid instructors or by private non-government organization. The program has two levels: elementary and secondary. Students have to start from elementary level, and then proceed to high school level. If a student is a graduate of elementary under a formal classroom system, the student is automatically admitted to the secondary levels depending on which year level the student stopped schooling. However, the student must pass the exam to be considered to the next level.

At first, I am not convinced to take ALS as an alternative for my sons’ education. I don’t really understand this DepEd program and it is not a normal schooling and every parent desires the normal like each and every parent are doing for their kids. But because I don’t have other alternatives and we can’t afford to send my son in a normal school, I agreed, ok, let’s try, (God is telling me here not to boast with what I want and be humble and obedient to His alternative). Along the way, I’ve checked the purpose and the program of ALS and I really appreciate the initiative of the Philippine government to come up with this uplifting program. If applied correctly to those in need or to the target beneficiary of ALS, it will help and will surely give hope and future to a lot of people in need. Then my husband talked to the in-charge of ALS in the Philippines, Sir Bong. He sent the entire reviewer; gave his full assistance to Edrei since he cannot attend the ALS class review in the Philippines. And Edrei did his part in reviewing time, and everyone in the family, in the church, friends, relatives, prayed for his exam. Afterward they announced the schedule of test, November 19, 2017. Edrei traveled back to Philippines to take the exam, he was scheduled to do few hours of class room review with Sir Bong and with other ALSmates. After the exam he came back to Dubai. Waited for long again for the result (waiting time is always a testing time), after two or three months, we received the good news that among the few, Edrei passed the exam. From Grade 7, he is now graduated Grade 10. It was indeed a gift from God, the way he passed the exam, the way our God works with the impossible things.

While only 15% of the total examiners in the Philippines passed, he was the only one who passed in their class during that time. Then it was reported in Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, March 2) that DepEd Secretary Leonor Briones said the November 2017 test questions had a higher degree of difficulty compared to the previous one, also, the passing is 75% which is higher, after initial results showed the number of passers hit an all-time low. For this, the Department of Education (DepEd) takes initiative action after students and proponents of the program reached out to the Education Department with the hashtag “DEPED_BeFair_to_ALS”, then announced that it will lower the passing score for Alternative Learning System (ALS) examinees from 75% to 60% out of fairness.

What else can I say, with all the difficulties in the exam, by Gods grace, Edrei passed the exam. We jumped with gladness and praise God! And similar to our life encounter, with all the difficulties and life test, sometimes we only see the impossibilities of overcoming the trial, but all things are possible if only we believe in God who makes all things possible (I will keep on saying this). And God can even give us more than what we’re expecting and think of. Last June 8, we received the Memo: “under the newly signed DO 27 or the “Amendment to DepEd Order 42, s. 2015 (High School Graduates who are Eligible to Enroll in Higher Education Institutions in School Year SY 2016-2017) in Relation to the Alternative Learning System (ALS),” ALS completers who passed previous A&E Tests for High School Level, including those held in November 2017 and March 2018, are already considered high school graduates under the old curriculum.” After reading the Memo many times, still I can’t understand how Edrei turned from Grade 7, to Grade 10 and now to Grade 12. I was amazed by how God is working, and feel guilty of my attitude in dealing with my God. I am amazed now because God is doing amazing things, while in testing and waiting time I am so impatient, I can’t even recognize His alternatives and His solution to my difficulties because I am blinded and so busy thinking of my alternatives, my own way. And how my husband found out the alternatives that I didn’t recognize, I suppose because he is patiently waiting and listening to Gods alternative, and he always did.

In Hebrew 11:1 it says, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” I feel like I must reflect on this verse every day, to be reminded that I must put my confidence in God – daily, be assured of the things that I do not see, those that are not usual and visible, and that is FAITH in God! Faith must be a lifestyle, like how worship is a lifestyle too, it must be running into our soul, into our blood, into our spirit, so our body will simply follow, so we can discern and walk in Gods ways and alternatives. God is amazing, and I must say to myself, I should be amazed to our God every day, not only when He is giving victorious and miraculous situation, because He is simply amazing not only because of anything or something that He did to us but because He is simply our God!

At times, our limitation leads us to choose badly in which road to take. Sometimes we don’t see the alternatives that God is trying to show us because we’re unsighted by a lot of things in this world. I had become so blinded by my circumstances and had lost my focus on God’s promises. I truly believe that by not setting my “heart on the things above” (Col 3:2) and being distracted by my situation, I allowed doubt, unbelief and fear to enter my heart. Some alternative route that we are trying to travel will lead us to destruction, so we need to be reminded always to fix our eyes to God. And the more we grow in Him, the more we see God in our daily encounter, the more we see His ways and His plans for us, until we see ourselves in this road of life without any alternative but to follow Gods road to eternity. (It’s not easy by the way, but attainable, not by our strength but by His grace).

One day, we might be in a different place and situation again facing lots of alternatives again or no alternatives at all, but as we put our trust in Him, we are sure that He will remain in us, in the road where He wants us to be. And for that, we should not lessen what is possible with God, as it is says in Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Therefore, when God give us a task, it is no longer impossibility, but rather it is a complete certainty. When God gives us a seemingly impossible mission, the only thing preventing it from coming to pass is our disobedience. Obeying God is also believing that with God all things are possible!

Are you still facing and looking at the seemingly impossible alternatives or not sure of which road to take?

It says in James 1:5-6 “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind”. Let us keep on praying and growing in Him every day, let’s humble ourselves to His alternatives, and always be reminded again and again of what Jesus said, “All things are possible to him who believes!”


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roadHave you ever been stranded in this road of life?

I was really grateful to witness the wedding of my sister last month. By the grace of God been blessed by the opportunity to travel last February  from Dubai to Rome. This booking was the cheapest on the list so decided to booked with it and get down in Rome. From Rome Fiumicino airport I traveled to Roma Termini via taxi and met my sister there. It was so cold and rainy, but the warm embrace of meeting my sister was beyond compare, a very joyful reunion with her after 3 years. We then traveled via train 3 to 4 hours from Roma Termini to Massa Centro near to her place. Thanks to that long travel, we’ve talked a lot and shared stories and memories.  Met her fiancé Kuya Ste (husband now) and then checked in at Hotel Parma Mare (all from a generous heart of my sister and kuya ste), 15 to 20 minutes away from my sister’s home.  That night we’ve enjoyed dinner with friends and relatives of Kuya Ste. Following night, some other relatives from Como and London came and checked in as well and attended the wedding the next day. They’re the relatives I’ve met when I was just 3 years old and some I’ve seen like 10 years ago.

Rain still falls but didn’t stop us from getting together. And a warm and delicious dinner was served that night. Next morning was the wedding day! Everyone was happy and excited. On the day of marriage, I am still amazed realizing how two people became one, from different place and race. I remember how my husband and I met and created our own love story. It’s not really an easy journey, there were pain & tears along the way, but standing firm and believing that in every life & love story there’s only one Author who created the characters, put purpose, meaning and colors on it and who has the power over all, made me grateful to the One who gave everything.

Back on the day of marriage, we met the whole family of both sides and enjoyed lunch with everyone. Then traveled to Como with my relatives (to give some time as well to the honeymooners), and ‘been to different places and shared different life stories, their struggles, pains, routines, lifestyle, and conquest of deciding to settle in that place. The stories and lessons of their lives were more beautiful than the places that we’ve been through. The colors of their life battles, survival and different encounters made me realized that no matter how different we are from each other, there is one God who keeps on sustaining us and loves us so much, no matter what. Somehow, it’s easy to look at them from afar, seeing that they are happy in choosing to live and work in that place, gaining more money, while we don’t know the battle that they’re facing daily, a sacrifice to offer comfort to their family back in their home. Then being reminded again that the real story behind every smile is that working abroad is never an easy journey, still, there’s no place like home!

Like some other oversees workers, a few from those I’ve met along the way were just trapped with their intention to stay and somehow gain a little bit more to support their family, some are working illegitimately and waiting for the amnesty or the “Path to citizenship”, some are just happy and surviving being with their family, while some were already stabled but really tired with their nature of work.  Watching them, whatever road they are facing right now, the journey must go on, trust the one who is more than us, and never give up.

On the 6th day of my journey, I traveled back to Pisa from Como to be with my sister once again and to be with one of our relative staying there. Snow keeps on coming and my sister reminded me that there were some warning from the news for the travelers due to the coming snow the following day. Then she decided to book me by air and not by train (trains might be blocked by snow they said) the next day with a domestic flight from Pisa to Rome. Arrived on the airport at 4am and waited for my flight at 6am. Boarded on time, but while we were on the airplane they announced that we can’t take off on time due to the weather condition and the Rome Fiumicino airport will open at 9am. While waiting inside the airplane, I prayed and got the verse from Matthew 8:23-27, recognized how Jesus calms the storm. Now, same with his disciples, ‘feel like I have this little faith because I’m worrying of being stranded on my way back home. Then calmed down by His words, I just put my trust in Him for the next post on my way.

While I’d informed the flight attendants that I had a scheduled flight at 12noon, they said we can make it and there’s still more time. It was 9am when they announced that the Rome Fiumicino airport was opened already and we’re about to take off, everyone was getting ready and they told us that they just need to do the Aircraft de-icing. Aviation rules require that an aircraft’s wings and tail be free of snow, ice and frost before takeoff and they said it will just take some time to do it. We’ve seen some other airplane near to us doing this, but why we’ve waited for long and why we’re the last one? Then, called and informed my sister what’s happening…

We’ve waited until 10am and no hope that I can still catch my flight back to Dubai, then the flight attendant assured me that the staff in the airport will assist me with this delay. I told them to please contact the airline for my flight to Dubai just to inform that there were some delay, but they told me that they cannot do that.  In short, I’ve missed my flight back to Dubai.

Upon arrival in Rome Fiumicino airport, went immediately and bought a sim card so I can call my sister and went to the AlItalya customer service as per the advice of the flight attendant. Surprisingly, after telling the lady in CS the whole story, she told me that they cannot assist me since my next flight is not AlItalya Airline that they’re not responsible for my next flight, that their only concern is to bring me to the airport. Told them yes, bring me to the airport ON TIME, and it was a long discussion. Then I realized that nothing will happen if I will continue talking to them, asked assistance from other people in the airport and they told me to go to the booking office of AlItalya still inside the airport, walked 20 minutes to look for that office and got the same response. Called my sister and told the whole story, she tried to call also the MEA office to check and arrange what she can do for my ticket to Dubai. AlItalya and MEA offered rebooking of ticket, which I need to pay for whatever cost they will provide. My sister and I checked all other options, checked with other airline, and it cost a lot when booking on the spot with the same day flight.  Then decided to do the rebooking with them, and this lady in the counter was not so good in customer service, not sure about her current situation or mood but her attitude was not pleasing, and with my condition, not having any food from 4am, running here and there, I will gladly choose not to deal with this lady. Anyway, my focus was to book my ticket and do not miss that days’ flight, otherwise I will stay another day in the airport for the next day flight. So at last, this AlItalya talked to MEA, because my sister and brother in law called both sides and showed them a firm statement that they can’t be that rude and I can’t be stranded for life in this airport. Since they’re rude, my sister and I tried to book online, like new booking which upon checking was cheaper that what they are offering for rebooking, but still struggling when paying online it shows that there’s no available seat. Told to my sister that no way but to deal with this rude people. When I am about to pay over the counter, AlItalya staff told me that they cannot process cash payment because they have no access to the system of MEA for rebooking, told me that if we can pay over the phone for MEA, since the office was bit far away and I can’t travel anymore with my baggage and snow along the way, we can just pay by calling and giving the card details and account info. So my sister did, but they refused and said brother in-law’s card is not allowed because I am just his sister in-law, should be other immediate family member. Wow! So if I cannot pay in cash and in card, what must be the next way out?

Feeling so helpless that time and realized that really in this road of life we need to overcome each and every kind of people and circumstance. At times it is in accordance with what we yearn for, but there were times when it’s against the direction that we are longing to arrive at.  For a while we thought that the roads were all smooth until the end, we enjoyed the journey then suddenly we’ll be stranded in some point of our travel. And I am reminded again that God will never lead us where His grace cannot provide for us or His power cannot protect us. Often times I’ve seen the powerful hand of God at work during the plagues and miracles, yet, like many people, I walked by sight and not by faith, worrying a lot this time, and we all know that our unbelief displeases God, for “without faith it is impossible to please God” (Hebrews 11:6).

Then stayed quiet for some time and released the negative sentiments in me.  Yes, those people might be so annoying, while the snow seems so nice, days ago, and then turned so irritating now, since it caused me delay, and what else? All these sentiments in me will just ruin the whole journey if I will not stop yelling inside my situation.

I wish I wasn’t here, dying in waiting from this airport. I wish I were one of those people who got in the normal flight, on time flight. I wish I could grab a help from someone and free myself from being so tired. I wish I have enough means to pay my ticket in a different airline so I can get rid of those irritating staff.  I wish I have that faith that is so still in times like this.

But they’re not.

So I have two options. Keep sinking deeper and deeper until I can’t take in air because this emotion is slowly consuming me. Or I can stop yelling and trust in Him who will surely rescue me, no matter what.

After a quite long process and talking, from me to this two airlines, to my sister and her husband, they informed me that I can only pay cash, it is higher than the price of a new booking, but then we decided to just go ahead and set off with that nearest flight schedule.

Then I prayed, got my baggage, checked in, find a place to eat, clean myself in a washroom, find place to charge my cell phone, fix myself, and moved on!

Then, while washing my face, realized that sometimes, when we are in a difficult situation, our main issue is not the situation, yes it might be hard, but our main ground is our self. Our easily disturbed self, burdened, unfocused, worried, impatient, ungrateful, irritated personality! I realized that in some point of our life, we are not really stranded with the situation but with our incapability to move on, inability to trust the one who is in control, failure to be joyful and grateful in everything. We can be grateful of the mess that we have, because there are people who are helping us to be strong and move on and greatly, we can always put our trust in God, we just need to acknowledge His presence in us.

Just like the people I’ve been through in this journey to Italy, we all have a different walks in this road of life, a different kind of goals or missions. Once in a while we’re stranded in some point of our journey on the way to our chosen path or direction. However, we need to recognize that we all have dreams and aspirations, and while some were easily attained and realized, some has been fulfilled in the late part of our life, when we realize we are not as young as we once were, when sickness or a bad economy strikes, when our relationships do not go as we had imagined,  when those we care about die, when our dreams may no longer be attainable, when we’re about to give up, and while some never come to completion, a few has been Like King David’s long-time dream to build a temple — a dream he did not fulfill. Instead, his son Solomon built the temple after his death. It reminds me that sometimes we cannot totally complete a dream ourselves; we can only pave the way for others. That despite all the frustration, the delays, the disappointments, we sees that it was all more than worth it in the end. But we need to admit that we can only see that from the top of the mountain, just like Moses after a long journey, seeing the Promised Land. You can’t see the Promised Land from the bottom, we need to walk, run, climb, strive, believe, rest for some time, learn, be patient, obey, entrust, trust and surrender to the One who made a promise to us.

Maybe you’ve experienced massive disappointment along the way while working toward a dream, goal, and mission. Let’s be reminded that it happens, when we can only complete part of the task and that we will pass the role to someone else. This is not failure. It is the act of allowing others to finish what we cannot. It is an awe-inspiring achievement. We should be thankful knowing those who come after may fulfill our incomplete dreams. For at times it is not just the results that matter – the intentions and desires of our hearts count as well.

Clinging to His words, in Proverbs 3:5-8 says, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and shun evil. This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones.”

On our daily journey, let’s pray for the passion to keep on sharing His love, His works, and His words to other as well. And when stranded on our way, “ I am sure of this, that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ” – Philippians 1:6

Above all, I will keep on praising God for everything!  I had a victorious journey, not only because of the beautiful places and people I’ve encountered, not even because of me, but because of the One who is with me while walking in this road of life and will remain until forever!


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A Vacuum in a Road of Life

Baby girl with vacuum cleanerWeeks before my birthday (today is my birthday! Thank you Lord!), me and my husband were walking in the mall after some meetings, someone called me on the phone, greet Happy Birthday in a very happy voice and informed me  that my gift was ready and I can claim it now in their shop “The Eros Digital Home”. I was really surprised and confused, I can’t even recall the name of the shop that he mentioned  because my mind was full of wondering and questions: Did I bought something to them that they will give me something on my birthday? Or maybe they did some birthday raffle for the month and I won, or maybe the privilege card that I have from Carrefour is a sister company of that shop, but I didn’t have much point on that card, so maybe no, and thought  lots of possible reasons. As my husband was listening to my phone conversation, after hanging up the phone he immediately asked “what happen?” Told him the whole story and can’t tell him the name of store, he said “I heard it you can claim your gift at Eros.” I said with a confused face, Ok. Then he said here’s the shop, like we’re walking so near to that shop, told him “wait, I need to call back and confirm”, he said, “well, you heard and I heard that it is in this shop, then go”, he said. Adding more confusion to the way my husband was so sure of what my caller said, I went my way inside. Then he said “wait, I need to go to comfort room, just go inside and I’ll follow after this”. Then he left me standing in the middle of the shop, I don’t know what happens next, but I just remember one guy pushing a cart with a box and saying “Happy Birthday Ma’am, please claim your gift”. Everyone was staring and feeling happy for me while my confusion now remains forever. Then my husband came and said “wow, happy birthday, open your gift from them” with a sweet smile. Well, seems like I have an idea now about the author of the whole story of the mystery behind this gift. Then when I looked at the gift, it’s the vacuum cleaner that I really wanted to have. Now I remember, it was weeks ago when me and my husband went to that same store, and we saw lots of different kind of vacuums on sale. And I remember also when I told him while we were looking on that same vacuum that I really need to have one, to at least clean the house better. And he said “then buy”, told him it is not a priority and it is not included in our budget, but the sales lady told us that it will be on its normal price soon, and this sale is about to end. Everything flashed into my mind and soon wiped out the confusion, and therefore conclude that my husband is the man behind that vacuum surprise. But of course he never disclosed 🙂

I will never forget my vacuum experience. The gift may not last forever, it may damage as years went by, but the love-experience from the giver of the gift to mine to my kids as we open the gift together and the memory of having that gift will surely last, forever. I truly appreciate the vacuum experience, and not expecting (that after 15 years of marriage) he will give me a simple gift in a creative way, full of effort and love, just like what he was doing when we were just young lovers. So refreshing!

What more in a vacuum? I just realized that sometimes in our life we are hoping for a lot of things, we love to imagine ourselves in a better situation, better relation, better income, better job, better business, better place and more. Oftentimes our life became a vacuum in a road of life. We just want to get a hold and carry on things and keep it in a bag. And like the vacuum bag once it’s full, you need to replace the bag or clean the vacuum bag so you can use it and have new things on it.

The concept behind a vacuum in a road of life lies in truth that, by giving up the old unnecessary things away, you would eventually have been making room for the new. Indeed, we cannot get something more until we are first willing to give something away. That giving means letting go completely to another. And sometimes when we are much attached to something, to someone, or to our old self, this giving and letting go are truly difficult. We will just keep this dirt in a bag, whatever it takes!

I am reminded by 2 Corinthians 5:17 that says “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.” Meaning, as soon as you make space – mentally or physically, spiritually, emotionally, in all aspect of life – it will be filled.  Your mind and everything in you, is a new creature, if you are truly IN CHRIST.

If you want to experience this, try not only cleaning the vacuum bag and throwing the dirt and dust inside, but replace the old bag with a new one.  Expect that new things will come. When you actually expect something to happen, you WILL create the environment to receive it.  Sometimes that means moving (physically or mentally) into bigger space OR opening up new space – in your budget, in your schedule, on your team, or in your environment, in your ministry, in your family, in your vision.  That requires deliberate action in response to your plan and full expectation of realizing your plan. Let’s always take a look at the perfect model of giving, JESUS! Being God, creator, He gave up everything, He died on the cross, for you and for me.

At this moment, you may have your desire of walking in the road that God wants you to be, but you have doubt or fear of giving and surrendering yourself to Jesus our God and Savior… Take courage and trust in His ways, be humble in surrendering to Jesus, obey His words and keep in your heart and mind that we can only make way for the new one, if we are in CHRIST!

The road may not be easy, but the One who is bigger than everything is with us along the way, always!  #walkinaroadoflife

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Jaywalking is the act of crossing a roadway when it is unlawful to do so. This includes crossing between intersections, as well as crossing at a crosswalk equipped with a signal, without waiting for the proper indication that it is safe to do so.

Four days ago, while crossing in the road going to the supermarket, the police called my attention, took my emirates I.D. and issued a receipt, why? He said “for jaywalking”, for crossing in a wrong road… But I am not aware that it is not allowed to cross since everyone is crossing on that road (my excuse). It was so easy and accessible for everyone to use that road from Union metro station going to the supermarket. The crowd normally uses that road when crossing… We are like 5 to 8 persons caught by the police. Someone said, once in a while the police positioned themselves on that place, wearing in a casual dress, not wearing their uniform so no one can recognize them and inform each and everyone passing that the road we  are crossing is not the right way. Now I remember weeks ago when my husband and I passed on the same road and he insisted me not to cross on that road, and that we must go to the nearest zebra line. A reminder that I just ignored since I didn’t get any penalty that time (naughty me). What about zebra crossing? Zebra crossings are marked with black and white stripes (sometimes yellow) on the road and zigzag lines on either side. These markings warn drivers that there may be pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross the road. It also notifies the drivers that they must give way to pedestrians on the crossing. In short, this road is the right and a safe way to go!

Nowadays, we have all the access to almost all of the information we need, with our 24/7 internet connections we can learn a lot and feed our self with anything and with different knowledge that we want in this life. However, real life lessons are usually gained when we experienced and encountered the real face of the situation, like when we did some mistakes (whether we are aware or unaware) and getting the penalty of it. We may sometimes think that we are a victim of injustice or often times we made a lot of excuses, that there were no proper signals or sign  that we are  not allowed to cross on that road, explain lots of things, but being unaware and careless are  the most common cause of mistakes.

It is true that in this life we cannot avoid mistakes. In our life we all experience crossing on a wrong road, wrong decisions, wrong perception, wrong actions. And as long as we are not willing to humble our self and admit and learn from our mistakes, in our daily walk, we will just keep on doing the same mistakes over and over again.

Jaywalking in a road of life should always remind us and teach us that there is an ultimate penalty for crossing and entering into the wrong road. We are reminded by the word of God in Matthew 17:13, “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.” This wide road might be the place where we are right now, we might be in a wrong relationships, wrong motives, wrong decisions, it can be our comfort zones that stops us to pursue and obey our calling, it might be a wealth that we are utilizing only for our pleasure and not for His glory, it might be our laziness that prevents us to do His commands…

If we see our self right now as a jaywalker in this road of life, then know and believe that God has paid our penalty by loving us so much, forgiving us, giving His life for us, dying on the cross, rising from the dead to eternity, and offering us the gift of salvation. If we are sincere in loving and obeying our God, then we must allow Him to change us, not by our might but by His grace. We must walk in the road that may be less traveled, enter through the narrow gate, and by the power of the Holy Spirit that is with us, we can walk in a zebra crossing, move forward and do His will, whatever it takes!

Which road are we crossing right now? #walkinaroadoflife